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Surgical Gloves, Blue Pack of 100 (STK022)

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Disposable, Ambidextrous, Non- sterile.

Hospital, dental, laboratory, food and industrial use.

Single use disposable for multipurpose.

100 pieces in a single pack based on weight.

Excellent flexibility and strength.

Optimum fit and superior wet/dry grip.


Disposable gloves are effective in minimizing transfer risks and protecting public health. The gloves are less likely to rip or tear. We

avoid cost-cutting and material reformulations that often result in inferior products or health risks.

Powder-free nitrile examination gloves
Package includes
Pack of 100 gloves

Q) Can gloves be reused?

A) NO, these are one time use disposable gloves.

Q) Difference between powdered smooth latex gloves and non-powdered latex gloves?

A) Powdered latex gloves have corn starch added to them for easier and faster movement, in case of nonpowdered gloves corn starch is absent.

Q) What should I look in for latex gloves?

A) Prefer gloves that are comfortable, good barrier protection, and tactile sensitivity. People who are diagnosed with

latex allergies should not use natural latex gloves, if powdered is inappropriate in any area select powder-free gloves.

Q) Are the gloves waterproof?

A) Yes, latex gloves are waterproof.

Q) How long should you wash hands after wearing latex gloves?

A) Wash hands at least 20 seconds.

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