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Mini Defogging Spray Machine (STK03)

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Anti-noise, light weight, mobility, maintenance cost.

Fogger mosquito killing machine.

Easy to disassemble and simple to repair frame.

The Pump is not occur corrosion, because diesel and chemicals kept separate.

Securing the sight. 


The mini fogger is the best multipurpose internal aerosol fog and spraying generation devise in which flame projecting is possible. It can be used to fumigate all

kinds of harmful insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches in areas such as warehouses, parks, cattle barns, roads, apartment complex, factories and

many more. 

Dimensions (mm)
613 x 180 x 415 mm
Mini Mist Fogger
Liquid Propane Gas
Fuel Tank
Fog Diesel
Weight Empty
1.7 Kg

Q) Which chemical is used in fogging machines?

A) It depends on the usage of the machine, to kill mosquitoes, flies, biting flies, gnats and other annoying, flying pests, use Pyrethrin fogging material. Pyrethrins are derived from a natural source and are widely used in pest control and mosquito control for a quick knock-down of targeted pests. However, if the fogging machines are used for sanitization purposes in office and large public areas to prevent COVID-19 government-approved chemicals are used.

 Q)How long does fogging for mosquitoes last? 

A) A mosquito fogger is an efficient way to keep mosquitoes at bay for long periods of time. Efficient foggers are said to be able to work at peak performance for up to 72 hours. That means your lawn can be free of bloodsuckers for 3 days at a time.

Q) How is a mini fogging machine effective in corona treatment?

A)The coronavirus is spread through sustained contact with "viral droplets" from an infected person cough or sneeze. Though a tightly packed train or bus might lend itself to a transmission, public health experts say that public transit may be less virus-fecund than other places people gather for longer periods, like classrooms or open-plan offices. Especially in dense cities, riders tend to hop on and off transit more quickly, which means they have less time to share viral nasties. The thermal fogger is a hot fumigation machine that creates fog at high heat and high pressure based on the chemical we use in the disinfection process. For COVID-19, we use different government recommended chemicals in the machine to disinfect such large space places.

Q)Is fogging harmful to humans?

A) The insecticide in the fog is not harmful to humans at the low concentrations used and it has no odor. Residents are advised not to be concerned about the fog and are also requested to leave their doors and windows open when the fogging machine is in their area so that the fog can kill mosquitoes inside the house.

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Mini Defogging Spray Machine

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