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Face Shield Pack of 5 (STK023)

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 Anti-fogging vents prevent fogging of goggles while working.

Cover Full face.

Anti-Fogging Design.

Disposable Transparent OHP Sheet.

Reusable after fully sanitizing.


Our shield helps in protecting the face, nose and eyes from liquids, aerosols, sprays, splatters and flying debris. They are reusable, simply requiring cleaning with soap and water or alcohol based disinfectants.

Full Face Shield
Clear Plastic
Visor Thickness
175 micron
Complete Face Shield Weight
45 gm
External Dimensions (mm)
180 x 130 x 210

 Q) Is the frame washable?

  A) Yes, the frame is washable.

Q) Is the item durable?

A) Yes, it is durable.

Q) Does the shield cover the whole face?

A) Yes, the shield covers the whole face but, prefer wearing a mask underneath.

Q) Is it recyclable?

A) NO, it is not recyclable.

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