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Battery Operated Outdoor Sanitizer Hand Spray Pump (STK017)

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The pump has a longer life and high-quality body parts.

Conventional design and strong tank, brass pressure chamber.

It has a special cover for the motor which creates additional protection and helps to reduce possibilities of effects due to generated heat during operation.

It has an auto cut-off system which reduces unnecessary wastage of mixture/spray fluid and helps to increase the life of pump and battery. 


Sprayers are conventional and are ideal to spray sanitizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides. These Sprayers have multiple applications and are widely used in agriculture, gardens and sanitization.

Fixed with a regulator for controlling the pressure.

  Long-lasting & high-performance battery.


Tank Capacity
16 L
Product Colour
Motor Pump

Q) How do you charge a battery sprayer?

A) Every time before usage, please insert a charger plug into the charger base connector, and get 220v power thing protective cover, charger the battery 8 to 12 hours, until the green light is on. Without charging, please do insert plastic into the charger base as it gets damp. 

Q)What are the parts of a battery-powered knapsack sprayer?

A) The Tank - Knapsack sprayers usually have 2 to 5-gallon tanks. These can really cut into your back with prolonged use.

The Nozzle - The nozzle tip forms the spray pattern.

The Pump - It is necessary to keep pressure in the tank so the liquid in the tank will spray out when the trigger is pulled.

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Highly Satisfied.

Good spraying length and the material used is also good.

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Nice product

Easy to handle

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