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Disinfectant Indoor 1Ltr (STK010)

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This disinfectant is specifically formulated blend of double chain Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, surfactants and stabilizers which on application completely eradicates bacteria, viruses, sporicidal pathogens and manifests sustained anti-viral action over applied surface areas of residential, commercial, industrial and public surroundings.


Multi-disciplinary application as bactericide, fungicide, virucide, etc.

Non-corrosive nature.

 Cost effective flexible dosage for application.

 Leaves fresh fragrance post application.


How To Use

Dilution rate 40ml with 10ltr water for floor mopping, furniture disinfection and spraying through garden sprayer


Walls, floor, furniture, food contact surfaces, passage, canteen, toilets, foot dip tray, fogging etc

Frequency of Use

Workplace – Floor mopping twice a day

Homes – Floor mopping once a day

 Q)How to use it?

 A)Drop a capful of the liquid disinfectant in a bucket of water and mop the floor. That's it.

Q)Can this be used on surfaces like doorknobs, switches, handles, etc.?

 A)I don't think so because it's a type of floor cleaner and not recommended to use in place which comes in direct contact with so better to avoid.

Q)Is it good for Italian marble?

A)Yes it's good for all marbles, just don't put too much or let it stagnate.

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