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PPE Kit (STK018)

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit refers to specific outfits or tools worn out by workers to get protected by various infectious elements. It is designed for securing the health care worker in various decisive conditions.


1 Non woven 45gsm body gown from head to ankle.

1 non woven head cap disposable.

1 LD plastic shoe cover.

1 pair of nitrile gloves.

1 3 ply face mask.

Q)What are the factors that help in deciding a good PPE Kit?

A)Material: PPE Kits are made up of materials like Polypropylene, Polyester,Nylon etc. Though polypropylene is considered decent, one can choose any based on their budget.

SITRA Approved: In India, the PPE Kits are generally approved by SITRA laboratories according to the standard compliance set by Govt. of India.

Products present in the Kit: Sometimes, all products including coverall, shoe cover, face shield or, face mask, head cover etc are not given by the seller. Therefore, please confirm the product availability and then purchase.


Q)What is PPE KIT?

A) PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Kit is a safety shield that is being used by healthcare workers and other people to prevent themselves from being exposed to viruses and avoid getting infected . The virus can be transmitted through tiny droplets of saliva generated from an infected person while coughing or sneezing. This PPE Kit is quite useful and helps protect against virus transmission.


Q)What all products are there in the PPE Kit?

A) PPE Kit comprises face shield or face mask, head cover, coverall suit and shoe cover.

Face Shield: It protects the whole face from unwanted substances like dust, water splashes etc and is generally made up of plastic. Its fitting is adjustable.

Face Mask: It covers half the face probably the nose and the mouth and gives respiratory protection against virus transmission. Face masks can be both disposable and non-disposable in nature.

Head Cover: PPE suit usually comes with an attached head cover to it. The head cover fits inside all the hairs to prevent the spread of virus through hair extension. Though, the virus does not stay longer on hairs compared to other surfaces but it is equally important to cover the hair extensions.

Coverall suit: It protects the whole body against virus transmission with adjustable fitting and zips for closure.

Shoe covers: It covers the feet and is generally made up of non woven fabric. It protects the feet from various infectious particles and from virus transmission.

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