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Face Shield Pack of 5 (STK024)

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Made of anti-fog recyclable PEVT Polyethylene terephthalate, this safety face shield prevents fog from covering your sight.

Full facial safety face shield protect you from spray and splatter.

Easy to use: Before use, please peel off the transparent plastic film. Wear it above your ears and adjust to a comfortable position.

Comfortable wearing experience: With a soft durable sponge, a safety face shield provides extra comfort and safety for everyday use.


This shield is made of anti-fog recyclable PEVT Polyethylene terephthalate that prevents fog from covering your sight. We use high-

quality materials that last for the long haul.

Full face
Holding Band

 Q) Is the frame washable?

  A) Yes, the frame is washable.

Q) Is the item durable?

A) Yes, it is durable.

Q) Does the shield cover the whole face?

A) Yes, the shield covers the whole face but, prefer wearing a mask underneath.


Q) Is it recyclable?

A) yes it is recyclable.

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